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Hello everyone!????‍♂️

I have been teaching English online for 3 years, and worked at Bounce Trampoline Park for 5 years????

I have a 120 Hour TEFL certificate and a Diploma in Child Psychology.????

I love working with, and interacting with children and watching them grow and develop themselves.????

I consider myself to be a fun, relaxed and approachable teacher that is able to adjust my teaching styles according to the needs of the student.????‍????

I can assist you with general Conversational English, and specific vocab or sentences you may need for a purpose eg. Travel.✈

I look forward to learning about you and your culture as you learn the wonderful language of English!⭐

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Individual Lessons

  • Conversational English

    General English dialogue, greetings, and important phrases to know. 30 min

    $ 5
  • English Vocabulary

    Student specific vocabulary example travel. 30 min

    $ 5
  • English Professional Writing

    Business Emails and writing 30min

    $ 8
  • English Phonics for kids

    Beginning to read using phonics 30min

    $ 5
  • Conversational isiZulu

    Learning how to have basic conversation in isiZulu 3omin

    $ 5
  • IsiZulu Vobabulary

    Student specific Vocabulary 30 min

    $ 5
  • isiZulu Phonics

    Learning to read and pronounce words by there correct sounds for the letters 30 min

    $ 5


  • Conversational English Package

    10 lessons 30min

    $ 45
  • Vocabulary Package

    10 leasons 30min

    $ 45
  • Professional Writing Package

    10 lessons 30min

    $ 75
  • Phonics Package

    10 lessons 30min

    $ 45
  • IsiZulu Package

    Combination of phonics, vocabulary and conversation in isiZulu 10 lessons 30 min

    $ 45

Group Classes

  • Conversational English

    General English dialogue, greetings, and important phrases to know. 30 min. Maximum of 5 students per class.

    $ 4
  • Kids lesson

    Beginning to read using phonics. 30 min. Maximum of 5 students per class.

    $ 4

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