*3 years of Chinese teaching experience.
Standard Mandarin pronunciation.
Won several provincial awards in speech and writing.

*No matter what course you choose, I will prepare carefully before class,correct your pronunciation and grammar in class,and send you a summary file after class.

*My major is law ,and I have experience about legal writing and legal advice, If you want to do business in China or want to know the laws of China, I can help you achieve your goals

*A Chinese teacher who is patient、responsible、strict and interested in different cultures;A woman who loves nature、sky、rain and red roses so much .

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Lessons 1 on 1 and Group Classes (Max 5 students)

  • Beginner lesson

    This course is for those who have no foundation or have a little foundation. We will learn pinyin, words, phrases, sentences and grammar in class.Class duration is 60 minutes.

    $ 13
  • Everyday Oral Chinese

    After you have studied the basic course, we can start to study this course. This book covers almost everything in everyday life, such as ordering meals, shopping, talking and describing your emotions. I will send you the e-book before each class so that you can preview in advance.Class duration is 60 minutes.13

    $ 13
  • Communicate in Chinese

    *We can improve your Chinese by having a relaxed conversation,and I will make a note of your grammar or pronunciation mistakes and send you a summary file after class. *This class is for people who have a foundation in Chinese Learning.Class duration is 60 minutes.

    $ 13
  • Chinese business/ Law

    If you want to come to China to develop your career and learn more about Chinese people's thoughts, Chinese culture, Chinese etiquette, and related legal issues, this class may be of great help to you. *I know :Civil law, civil procedure law, criminal law, criminal procedure law, commercial law, administrative law, jurisprudence and so on . *I value my credibility and I will keep everything you tell me and all the documents you show me secret. *My English level may not support me to translate all the professional words in Chinese, so maybe I will use the translator in the course. If you have a Chinese foundation, that would be great! Class duration is 60 minutes.

    $ 15
  • Learn your textbook

    No matter what kind of Chinese books you have, we can study together. Class duration is 60 minutes.

    $ 13


  • Communicate in Chinese

    Communicating with Chinese is the fastest way to improve Chinese, because the purpose of learning is to use it. This package includes ten classes, one hour each

    $ 120

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