Study Korean with Julie Teacher *Native Korean* Teaching Experience* FUn/FUn* Korean Native Speaker UTC -10:00

Gyoeng Gi

☆Native Korean(Fluent speaking ability, Natural pronounciation!!)

☆Living in broad (5 yrs in America, born in Korea, know the difference culture!!)

☆Experienced in Korean related work and teaching:

1. Teaching English to Korean students.

2. Translator volunteering in English to Korean and in Korean to English.

3. Volunteering teaching Korean to people in America Church for few years.

☆Class atmosphere: Only prefer 1:1 or 1:2 classroom, reasonable price, cheerful with mini activities, (sometimes, mini test too oops!!)

☆ Goal: Without looking the book, memorizing the expression to using in daily life. I mainly focus on repetition and fun! Let’s study together!!


♤Class Curriculum

☞In my program, I provide mainly 2 big route.

☞TOPIK 1,2: In this course, we mainly focus on passing the TOPIK 1,2 level.

-Beginning: Leve1~4: we will study the korean alphabet and daily life expressions. (Also, in the beginning, we will have mini activities and mini quiz too!)

-Advanced: Level 5~6: Each level focus on TOPIK pass, so we only study TOPIK.

☞ Debate: In this course, we mainly focus on Korean grammar, writing, speaking specifically.

-Beginning: Leve1~4: we will study the korean alphabet and daily life expressions.

-Advance: Level 5~8; Each level focus on Grammar, Writing, Speaking rules and vocabularies in Korean specifically.

♤Preparation – You can decide the time and the date for my class, BUT! after you choose the time slot at first, try to stick to it. If you neccessary need to change the time or date, please try to let me know before 12 hours so I can adjust it. – I will send you the vocabulary files to study, please memorize them to prepare mini vocab quiz in cass. – Your physical and mindset should be ready to study Korean.

Also Speaks


  • Advance Korean

    50 mins

    $ 12
  • Advance Package

    50 mins (30 lessons)

    $ 10

Introduction Video


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