Hello. My name is Sofia. I am from Cyprus and I live in Greece. My native language is Greek and English as a second language. I have a bachelor degree on conservation of workarts and I am a national athlete of Greece at 20km and 50 km on racewalking! I have worked as a teacher at all-day primary school with many smiley kids!I can teach you in any level you are! If you are beginners you will start for the alphabet and the letters to can read. Also you will learn daily useful phrases and start basic grammar and vocabulary. So… If you want to learn Greek and learn about our culture and foods just book your lessons!

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Greek Language

  • Basic Greek Language

    30 minutes

    $ 10
  • Basic Greek Language

    45 minutes

    $ 18
  • Basic Greek Language

    60 minutes

    $ 25
  • Advanced Greek Language

    45 minutes

    $ 25

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