★ Kangnam University International Student Group.

★ 2017 Korean class for native English speakers.

★ 2018 ~ 2020 Korean class at Tacna Jorge Basadre National University, Peru.

☆ Over 2 years of experience teaching Korean to foreigners, students and office workers.

✔ Communication in Korean, English and Spanish.

✔ Strong in free talking, Korean culture, and Korean calligraphy.

✔ Customizing classes in accordance with the learning objectives or interests.

✔ TOPIK Teaching Experience- 4 students for Level 2.

☆General course

– Setting a course that takes into consideration the learner’s level, environment, and interests.

– Using King Sejong Institute textbooks or tutor’s own textbooks.

– Focus on speaking and conversation (+ grammar and vocabulary classes are essential!).

☆ Special course

– Study abroad in Korea or exchange student consulting.

– Korean conversation for travel.

– Learn Korean with Korean Drama / K-pop.

– Free Talking Korean with tutors or other Koreans.

☆ After class

– Questions can be asked at any time via messages

– Study writing using email before class

– After class, send materials via email

☆ Flexible schedule.

☆☆☆ Please let me know 3 days in advance if you have any lecture materials you want.

☆☆☆ Please let me know at least 24 hours before class cancellation

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