Hi! My name is Irene and I am from the Philippines,

I’d  taken up BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COURSE when I was in college and  I decided to pursue EDUCATION as my second degree . I  Earned units in Masters in Education as a graduate school because I found out  that teaching was more challenging and fun .  I am a TESOL and TEFL Certified teacher.

I am also an adventurous type of person like learning new things that is why I love travelling so much,learning different cultures, and meeting new people, well infact, meeting people is one of my best skills.

Currently, I am working as a GOVERNMENT ENGLISH TEACHER I HAVE BEEN TEACHING FOR 15 YEARS and my students come from different countries, different backgrounds and all walks of life. I have taught students from different levels from beginner and advance levels. I also handle kids in a group setup and hands on training on how to handle classes for kids and adults. I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON IN MY CLASS.

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  • Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing (50 min Lessons)

    English for Young Learners Who should take this course? • Children who want to learn English as their second language. • Children who want to communicate with a different nationality Advantages of this course • We have new curriculum for learning while enjoying studying the language. Course Requirements and Description Age 7 to 15 years old Recommended Level Any Entry Requirements None YLE Progress Test None Start Date Anytime after free class Certificate Yes Course Duration 4 weeks Levels and Descriptors Level Level Description Level Descriptor Per Subject A Beginner Listening and Speaking: • I can understand simple sentences about things around them, like ‘This is a chair’, ‘Ilike my school’, ‘That’s my pen’. • I can respond to personal questions on topics such as age, family and their home. • I can understand simple expressions of communication, such as ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Thank you’. • I can respond to simple expressions of communication with ‘Yes, please’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Idon’t understand’. • I can understand and follow simple classroom instructions given by the teacher, such as ‘Open your book’, ‘Read the question’, ‘Listen to me’. • I can listen to and repeat words and phrases appropriate to the level after their teacher. Vocabulary: Understands a few words (approximately 500), including: • utility words • words of personal importance for: • identifying objects and actions • social greetings • participating in classroom routines with visual support. Understands a range of words (approximately 3000), including: • utility words • descriptive words • subject-specific words for: • describing • comparing • classifying Reading and Writing: • I can recognize the letters of the English alphabet. • I can write the letters of the English alphabet and spell their name and simple words. • I can read short, simple words and the names of some objects, such as animals, toys,clothes. • I can write simple sentences about themselves and their family. • can understand simple written instructions, for example how they should do an exercise in their course book. • I can recognize and copy words, phrases and short sentences from a text, a book, or the board in the classroom. Level Level Description LevelsLevels and Descriptors and Descriptors A1 lementary Listening and Speaking: • I can agree or disagree with someone, using phrases such as ‘I think so’, ‘You are right’, ‘I don’t think so’. • I can ask questions and use fixed expressions, such as ‘How much is/are …?’, ‘What’s the matter?’, ‘I’m good at …’. • I can understand when somebody talks about their family or friends in simple sentences. • I can ask somebody about how they are and what they like doing and answer similar questions. • I can understand instructions given by the teacher in the classroom, such as ‘You must do this’, ‘Take off your coats’. • I can ask questions about school activities, for example classroom tasks, homework, holidays. Reading and Writing: • I can understand simple sentences if they read them slowly and several times. • I can write simple sentences, using words given to them. • I can understand simple stories and shorter texts with the help of pictures and drawings. • I can write about what they like doing in their free time, using words given to them. • I can understand signs and simple notices. • I can continue a story or text that has been started in English or add words that are missing. Level Level Description Levels and Descriptors A2 Preinter Listening and Speaking: • I can say that they do not understand something or cannot do something, and ask for help, using expressions such as ‘Could you say it again, please?’. • I can talk about a problem in simple terms. • I can arrange with friends to do something or play together. • I can make and respond to invitations, suggestions, apologies and requests. • I can understand audio and video clips used in the English lesson. • I can talk briefly about things they have done, for example about their favorite holiday. Reading and Writing: • I can understand longer texts about everyday topics, even if they do not know all the words. • I can use a dictionary to help them understand a word they do not know. • I can write a short message on a postcard or in an email. • I can write about how they feel and give reasons why, in simple sentences. • I can write short dialogues, for example in speech bubbles, picture stories, and comics. • I can make up a story in English using ideas, pictures or words that the teacher gives them.

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