About Me:

I am a qualified TEFL tutor with over 1300 online hours over the past year. I have also been a cover teacher at a high school in my home town. I have over 20 years of experience in the corporate and retail industries and have worked for high-end stationery brands and international publishers as a national sales manager .  I graduated in Performing Arts at the Tshwane University of Technology, majoring in drama and voice training.  I also assist adult students in passing their job interviews successfully.  Furthermore, I am currently assisting students to prepare for their IELTS exams.

My Lessons and Teaching Styles:

I enjoy the everyday challenges and rewards that teaching provides.  I am a good listener, patient tutor, and adapt well to different environments and conversations. I like to set goals both for myself and for the student. I treat each student as an individual with their own unique story, and I respect this and grow with them. I will do everything possible to ignite a desire to learn in the minds of my students.



Also Speaks


Introduction Lesson (FREE!)

  • Free Trial Lesson

    Let's get to know each other and talk about your goals- 30 Min


Everything you need to ACE your Professional Life! (2 weeks Intensive Course)

  • Intensive Professional Course (11 hours)

    Let's get to know you! - Don't be shy- let's maximize your potential ! (1 hour)What Motivates You? - You'll be amazed! ( 2 x 1 hour lessons)Setting Goals - It's easier than you think... ( 1 hour lesson)Work the Room!- Self-Confidence/ Body Language/ Present like a Pro! (3 x 1 hour lessons)Want that new Job?- Mock - Interviews; Ace those more complex questions! (3 x 1 hour lessons)Communicate - Advice curated especially for you! (1 x hour lesson)

    $ 190

Basic Lesson

  • English Grammar

    30 Min

    $ 13.00

Preparing for your IELTS Exam


    Covering all 4 Skills -45 Min

    $ 15.00
  • Conversation practice : Buy 5 lessons, get 1 free!

    Package of 5 Lessons at 45 min each

    $ 50.00

Preparing for your Job Interview

  • Self-Confidence/ Body Language, etc.

    From 1st Interview to last- 30 Min

    $ 14.00
  • Interview Questions

    Easy and not-so-easy Questions - 45 Min

    $ 14.00

Pronunciation and Voice Training

  • Pronunciation and Voice Training

    How to Speak like a Pro! -45min

    $ 14.00
  • Conversation Practice

    Informal Tutoring - 45 min

    $ 11.00

Lesson Packages

  • Preparing for your Job Interview - Buy 5 lessons, pay for 4!

    Package of 5 Lessons at 45 min each

    $ 56.00
  • IELTS - Discounted Rate

    Package of 5 Lessons at 45 min each

    $ 56.00

Group Lessons

  • Conversation Practice

    Informal tutoring session where we will talk about various topics. This is a group class with a maximum of 3 students per class. Duration of the class is 45 min

    $ 15.00

Introduction Video


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