????​ More about me ​????​ ​​​????​ I am an english teacher with multicultural experience. ​​​????​ My teaching approach is communicative in which it helps students learning language successfully through having to communicate real meaning. ​​​????​ Having lived in USA and UK I had the opportunity to teach a wide range of people and connect with them. ​​​????​ If you want to connect and expand your horizon , then let’s do this together. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will guide you and open up our new chapter of wonder. ????​ Take a trial class ????​to get to know each-other ????????assess your English ability???????? ????????understand your goals and your learning requirements ????????and take your English to the next level ????????

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  • Juan Carlos Narvaez
    Juan Carlos Narvaez
    03/10/2020 at 20:52

    I liked that Fatima corrected my speaking every time that I was speaking using a wrong grammar, it was very good for improving my English

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