LearnTEFL academy
May 2017
150 TEFL/TESOL Master Course:
Grade A
Williamwood High School, East Renfrewshire
SQA Highers 2014
⦁ English A
⦁ Mathematics A
⦁ French A
⦁ Spanish A
⦁ Chemistry B
SQA Intermediate 2 2013
⦁ English A ⦁ Chemistry A
⦁ Mathematics A ⦁ Spanish A
⦁ French A ⦁ Art and Design A
⦁ Biology A ⦁ History A


⦁ Languages: I can speak Romanian fluently and regularly converse with native Romanian speakers. I lived in Romania for 18 months which greatly improved both my language skills and life skills. I also have a basic knowledge of Rromani, an indigenous language spoken by the Romany people in Eastern Europe. Also, since I have completed the Higher course of both French and Spanish I have an understanding of both those languages and in my experience teaching Chinese children I have learned some basic greetings in order form a stronger bond with my students. Learning other languages has made me more empathetic towards my students and has helped me become a better language teacher.
⦁ People: As a professional online teacher I have had the privilege of meeting and teaching people from many different lands and cultural backgrounds. I have learned how to become approachable and friendly in order to make people feel at their ease.
⦁ Teaching: For over 6 years I have taken part in volunteer educational work with the Roma and Romanian community in Glasgow, my home city where I even had the wonderful opportunity to help young children who did not have the opportunity to go to school with their literacy skills. I even moved to Romania and lived there in order to further this volunteer work where I had the opportunity to further my teaching skills. In a professional capacity I have been a teacher for over 3 years and have had the opportunity to enhance my teaching performance and help many students progress their language skills.


DADAABC LTD – Online English teacher

April 2017- Present

Currently I am working for Dada an online English teaching platform that caters to children learning English in their time after school. To this date I have taught 994 students while working for Dada over 3948 classes exactly. The children I have taught have been from many different areas in China and have ranged between 2 years old to 18 years old. I use different courseware as requested by the parents of my students including teaching the Oxford Reading Tree series, targeted to help young children with their English literacy skills. However I have had the chance while working with Dada to teach all branches of children’s English education: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking with emphasis on pronunciation and grammar.
I have learned while working for Dada to tailor each lesson to the students needs, age and abilities in order to provide the most effective results. Many of the students I taught chose to learn with me for years and I built an environment of trust and kindness in my classes with them that was conducive to learning and I received much positive feedback both from parents and students alike.

Cambly LTD – Online English tutor

December 2018- Present

To supplement my income and gain more experience with adult students from different backgrounds (my students have been from South America, Asia and Europe) I work as a freelance English teacher where I have had the privilege of helping students prepare for their IELTS examinations, practice for job interviews and improve their business English. I truly enjoy this work and I have learnt how to adapt my teaching style to help each student reach their goals.


Also Speaks


Individual (one on one) and Group Classes (Max 10 students)

  • Introduction to English

    Basic English skills and introductions used in everyday life. 30 minutes long.

    $ 12
  • Friends and Family

    Describing family members and learning how to explain personality types, characteristics and feelings. 45 minutes long

    $ 16
  • English in the workplace.

    Helping students for when they need to use English in a professional capacity, while at the same time learning some more colloquial English for interactions between colleagues.

    $ 18

Introduction Video


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