Hello! My name is Alex and I am from New York state, USA. I recently graduated with a degree in Literature and Russian Area studies and a minor degree in Education. I have a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and numerous hours of classroom teaching experience with learners from all ages and language backgrounds. I like to teach fun and interactive language classes, with lots of conversational exercises and games. I also believe bringing authentic examples of language into the classroom is imperative, so I utilize real English language texts and videos in the classroom frequently. I specialize in teaching courses that focus on academic English preparation for advanced English language learners, but I can and have taught students of all ability levels. I can’t wait to learn more about you and your culture while helping you learn about mine!

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  • Trial Private Lesson

    Unsure about English classes? Try a low-stakes class before we begin. 25 minutes.

    $ 7


  • Individual Conversational English Lesson

    Have fun and practice speaking English with a native speaker. 60 minutes

    $ 15
  • Individual Academic English Preparation Lesson

    Customized lesson to address learner's individual goals and ability. 60 minutes

    $ 25


  • Four Parts of Language Course

    This is a five part lesson package that covers the four basic language skills you will need to master your practice of English: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each class is 60 minutes.

    $ 100
  • Conversation Set

    Book 5 basic conversational English lessons with me and receive a discounted rate. 5 lessons, 60 minutes each

    $ 70
  • Fully Individualized Lesson Program

    This is a set of 5 individualized 1 hour lessons

    $ 100

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