Student FAQ


Go to and register as a “student” using your email address and choosing a password.

Start learning in 4 simple steps

  1. CHOOSE YOUR TEACHER:On the Homepage ʻsearchʻ for the Language you are interested in learning and browse through the list of teacher listings. Choose the teacher that best suits your language preferences and availability.
  2. BOOK A LESSON: Once you have decided on the teacher you would like to have a lesson with, click on that teacherʻs listing and “book a lesson”. Choose the perfect time slot (Remember to check the teacherʻs time zone to yours so that you know exactly what time the lesson will be in your country/time zone). There is also an option to send the teacher a message “Contact Teacher” or “Message Teacher” to clarify the time zone, arrange which platform to use for the lesson (Skype, Zoom, etc) and any other relevant questions you may have.
  3. MAKE A PAYMENT: After you have chosen the date, time slot and lesson type click on “Request Booking”. You will be taken to a page “booking conformation” where you will have to fill in all the relevant fields. Click on “confirm and pay” and “pay now”. You will have the option to pay via Paypal or credit card and simply follow the instructions. After payment has been confirmed, the teacher will receive a notification.
  4. HAVE YOUR LESSON: Connect online with your teacher on the day and time you have booked (there is a message option where you can contact your teacher and arrange which platform to use for the lesson via Skype, Zoom, etc and also clarify the correct time zone).

IMPORTANT REMINDER ABOUT TIMEZONES: All bookings for lessons are based on the teachers timezone, the country they are in, and based on UTC (Greenwich mean time). Please make sure what the time difference is between your country and the teachers country so that you can connect with your teacher on the correct time allocated.


MyLingo101 can be used in your Home Language simply by choosing it from the drop-down menu. Our website also Automatically reads your Google Language and will translate the Website automatically for you.


We have a Forum on our website dedicated to you the Learner to ask and find solutions to any issues you may encounter.


If you encounter any problems or would like to ask a question, feel free to contact us:


Thank you for learning with us.