Reasons WHY you should learn English

Reasons WHY you should learn English

  • English is an International/Global language

English is the most used language in the world. It would make life a lot easier if you could communicate in English. For example, if you were to go abroad to an English-speaking country and you cannot understand what people are saying and cannot respond or ask for directions then it will be very difficult. Also, if you cannot read Restaurant menus, shopping labels… you know where this is going right?

  • Enjoy more entertainment!

Most of the popular movies, books, tv shows, and songs are written in English. Don’t let subtitles spoil your fun!

  • Make use of the Internet more effectively.

More than half of the content on the Internet is in English. By learning English, you will be able to spread your horizons and gain more opportunities.

  • Save time!

Save time by not having to translate every single word you hear or read.

  • More job opportunities

Increase your chances of finding more job opportunities by being able to communicate in English. This is a big plus for companies as most of them aim to expand their services and/or products to countries from all over the world.

  • Communicate with more people from all over the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have conversations with more people from different countries? Whether it is on social media or even meeting some tourists in your country…

  • Make Travelling easier  

As English is the most used language around the world it would be a great benefit to you if you can communicate effectively with people from other countries. Also, if you are in a foreign country and you need to ask for directions, for example, someone would most likely be able to reply to you in English other than your own language…

  • Important for business

English is extremely important in the Business world… If you are an entrepreneur or interested in the business economy, it is vital to be proficient in the English language as most of the business people you would be dealing with, will be communicating in English.

  • Study all over the World

Around the World – Thousands of schools and universities offer programs in English. By being proficient in English, you don’t have to limit yourself to which country you will stay in.

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Jimei Perry

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My name is Jimei but you can call me Teacher Mei. I am from sunny South Africa and my hobbies are horse riding, baking and of course teaching! I am very friendly, patient and approachable which I believe makes my students feel comfortable in their lessons with me.

I graduated with the degree ʻBachelor of Educationʻ from the University of South Africa. I have about four years’ experience teaching English as a second language in both the classroom environment as well as online. I chose to become a teacher as I have a love for making positive changes and progress in people’s lives. It is such a thrill and honor to be able to help students realize their full potential and to help equip them with the tools that can fulfill their dreams.

My Motto: Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

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