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Yatin Maharaj


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Hi my name is Yatin Maharaj and I am from South Africa.

I obtained a Diploma In Business Management from Damelin, South Africa. I have also completed a 120-hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course at TEFL South Africa. I have two years of experience in teaching, I have taught kids between the ages of 6 years and 13 years. I have been teaching English and Afrikaans. My English lessons are about Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Phonics, Conversational English and Sentence Structure. I have also been teaching Myanmar Varsity Lecturers Online how to Speak, Read and Write English and also helping their students and I have been doing Conversational English with German Nationals.

My teaching style is very Student Centered. I make my students feel confidant and comfortable during my lessons by making my classes fun and exciting. I love to have interaction from my students so that I know my lesson is adding value to them, and also making sure that they are having fun while learning.

My main goal for every lesson is to make sure that my students have understood the lesson content, besides having fun during the activities. My students need to understand and be able to relate my lessons to everyday experiences in life and this will help them to become more confidant.


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