Product Description

I am a qualified Social Worker and have been teaching in China, as an ESL teacher, for the past two years.
Being a versatile teacher, I have had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of students from various backgrounds
and different cultures. As a result, I am an empathetic teacher, who remains sensitive to children’s unique needs,
different learning styles and who provides individual and whole class support. In my lessons I integrate different
subjects and teaching units, and offer positive encouragement and reinforcement to keep students focused and
I strive to make my lessons fun, interactive and visual, audio, tactile, and kinesthetic. My goal is to foster and maintain an open, honest, communicative, and supportive classroom, in which each student feels safe, secure,
special, and appropriately challenged.
I am very hardworking, enthusiastic and approachable. I love inspiring and motivating children and enjoy having
fun with them.