Thomas S Lee

Thomas S Lee


Product Description

Hi, I am Thomas Lee from Philadelphia, USA.

I am a professional teacher living in Seoul, Korea currently.

I have many teaching experiences both in American and Korea.

I currently teach Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English Grammar, English Reading in English language at an international school.

I also teach Korean Language and Korean History in Korean language as well.

Moreover, I teach SAT, TOEFL and oPic.

Most students who studied TOEFL with me got at least 115 out of 120.

And most students who studied oPic with me got AL or IH.

When I was in college in America, I majored in Chemistry.

My characters is very optimistic and extrovert.

When I teach English or Korean, I always make the ambiance bright and brilliant.

Both teaching and learning must be very fun and easy to understand and memorize.

I always repeat until the student understands it when I teach a new vocabulary or a grammar structure.

I have:

1. Basic Korean (basic Korean alphabet)

2. Inter. Korean

3. Advanced Korean

4. Korean Free Talking

5. Traveling Korean

6. Korean Drama

7. K-POP (BTS)

8. TOPIK Test

9. and more classes

Moreover, I give them home assignments as well.

I speak both English and Korean perfectly.

Come and enjoy learning in my classes.