Teacher Bronwyn

Teacher Bronwyn


Product Description

☀️Learn English in a friendly and relaxed classroom.

☀️A wide range of material adjusted to your interests and needs.

☀️Children get to have a fun and interactive classes.

☀️I have a TEFL certificate, a BA Degree and experience.









????And most importantly: big smiles!????

All adjusted to your needs. Message me before booking so I can make sure I have the perfect lesson ready 🙂



✴️My classes will help grow your confidence in grammar and pronunciation.

✴️I will help you train your lips, tongue and jaw to get those words out clearly.

✴️I will help your grammar in conversations to become instinctive.

✴️You will say ????“Goodbye!!”????to those insecurities you have when speaking English to others.

✴️All of my various methods and materials that we can adjust to suit you! You have a say in everything we learn and how we learn it.



????All children are different and therefore all classes will be adapted to them!

????They will remain engaged and excited in every lesson.

????Costumes include my light up bow-tie, rainbow wig, fluffy glasses and more.

????There’s my precious puppet for when they are shy.

????I will be their friend first and teacher second.


????Class notes and home work will always be provided!

????So what are you waiting for? Book a trial class with me. I want to make the lesson material to meet your needs!

????Message me before so I can ensure that the material will be perfect for you. The material will have various levels so we can find your strengths and weaknesses.

⌚My schedule is adjustable. Let me know what time is right for you and we will make a plan.

I hope to see you soon.????