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Teacher A

Teacher A


Product Description

Hi, nice to meet you. I enjoy teaching and meeting lovely people just like yourself every day. I have been teaching English online since 2018, but I have been teaching offline for more than 10 years. I Have a Master’s degree and a TEFL certificate with high distinction from United Kingdom.

I am patient enough to work with you irrespective of your English Language level. I always ensure my students are motivated and stimulated throughout the learning process. My skillset is versatile enough to keep the fast or advanced learner engaged.


I have thought more than 500 classes online, I have been privileged to teach diverse students operating at different levels. I have thought English language to beginners, intermediate and higher level students who require more challenge.


I am not rigid in my approach to teaching because I understand that each student is different. Some students are fast learners, while some require me to be more patient and encouraging. As a result I use the communicative approach to establish bond, gather and create learning goals through observation and discussion.


I will also direct students, discuss with them and lead them  at the right pace, ensuring  I incorporate  relevant activities, TPR (total physical response) as well as teaching aids to enhance the learning objective.

My teaching approach is inspired by my teaching philosophy that every student has potentials, it is my responsibility as the teacher to motivate, identify, engage and ignite the spark.

Each student is a unique individual I must ensure I provide an enjoyable learning experience which meets the learning objective.

I really want to be your English teacher, see you soon in class.