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My name is Aristide, I am 23 years old and I am from Cameroon.I have a Bachelor degree in History and Political Science. I enjoy teaching students from all over the world because this permits me to also learn about the different cultures that exist worldwide.I have two years experience as an English teacher and i have successfully helped a great number of students from different nationalities around the world to become fluent in English.My joy comes from responding effectively to the needs and demands of my students because I love to see the smile on students faces when their English skills keep getting better and better. I am a very current person and so I am always updated about recent happenings around the world and this is because I care about the whole world and not just my country. I am very jovial and always have a reason to smile and this has been my charm throughout my career as a tutor. I know students want to enjoy the lessons for which they have sacrificed precious time and money for, so I always make sure I deliver incredible lessons always.I have a very patient attitude when it comes to teaching and i do not rush students.I love to teach at the pace suitable to students and i am very sensitive to making sure that students understand my lessons.Most students find it easy to make me a friend and not just a teacher to them because i am always smiling and it makes the atmosphere very suitable for learning.I always try to know the difficulties that students are facing in English so as to help them better.To me its very important teach students carefully and with passion and help them achieve their goal in English


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