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I am Pavao Zornija. I am a Computer Science Bachelor and I have a TEFL certificate. I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I am proficient in a few language(English, German, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian)! Hello! I’m fully qualified with 3 years experience as a English and German tutor. I teach students from all levels in the U.S.A., Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Switzerland, and Taiwan.


✅German Conversation

✅German Grammar

✅German Reading

✅German lessons for Toddler and Primary school students


✅English Conversation

✅English Grammar

✅English Reading

✅English lessons for Toddler and Primary school students.


I can adapt your lesson to YOUR NEEDS and make sure YOU make the most of it and improve whatever area of Chinese and Japanese you require. I hope to make the learning space fun and enjoyable, and I look forward to meeting you! *I prepare CUSTOMISED HOMEWORK for every student depending on their needs and interests. I do my best to make sure it is followed up upon so we can check if afterwards if you like. SPECIALIZED homework for all students! Hundreds of materials for all learners and their needs. Beginner, intermediate or advanced students are welcome. We will work on YOUR needs, pronunciation, grammar, writing and anything else. Props, written and audio materials are some of the things we will use in our classes. For beginners we would use simple materials, and we would progressively increase the difficulty. All are welcome!


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