Kaitlyn Pillay

Kaitlyn Pillay


Product Description

Hello! I am a South African who is passionate about teaching children my native language. My hobbies include painting, playing the piano and learning new sports like surfing. I am very friendly and relaxed and want my students to work hard but also have fun by embracing their creativity and just being themselves.

I have a TEFL 120 Hour Certificate and I am excited to begin teaching. I am eager to teach as I would love to teach my native language and help students to better their English skills. I think that every student is unique; some are audio and others are visual, therefore it is my job to assess the students learning pattern and corresponding output and teach them in the manner that suits them best. I am very patient, yet determined to help my students reach their language goals. I will always put in my best effort and make the most of the resources I have to ensure my students succeed.

I am a person who strives to excel and I hope to teach my students to replicate that.