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I hereby would like to apply for Online teaching opportunities. Below you may briefly peruse an Introductory synopsis of myself and experience.

My name is Joscelyn Beukes, I am 40 years old, currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand but due to COVID-19 was repatriated back to SA until the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

I am deeply passionate about our humanity and would call myself a humanitarian by heart & nature, as I find myself constantly engaging in matters relating to community relief & upliftment. I am passionate about empowering others, hence my love for teaching the English language, as I am of the opinion that it opens doors of opportunities & prospects. I only have experience from South Africa, Thailand and travelled to Singapore for work purposes hoping to broaden my international horizons.

*Social development, Humanities and Political enthusiast – you may view my FB page for content & opinion pieces related to these industries.

I have been in Bangkok, Thailand for approximately 2 years so far and enjoy learning from different cultures.

I completed my Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate in 2017 and taught Online for about 8 months before I made the move Thailand.

???? I have a neutral British accent and my voice is very easy to understand. You can listen to my pre-recorded video for a sample.

I was in the IT industry and did website translations for an IT company and assisted my colleagues with conversational English together with Business English. I also teach private lessons for children, teens & young adults, ages ranging from 5-20.

My experience & qualification permits me to offer Conversational classes, English for Business, English for Travel, etc. Just tell me know what you want to know so that I can prepare for you.


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