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Product Description

About Me

Hi ! My name is Hanlie. I’m a teacher from South Africa. I’m a friendly person who like to make friends with people all over the world. I enjoy reading, writing and traveling. I like to talk about books, movies, TV-shows, art, culture, traveling, nature, animals, food, history – anything really.

My Qualifications and experience

I’ve got a Bachelor’s in Commerce, a PGCE(meaning I’m a certified teacher) and TEFL certificate. I’ve taught English for 10 plus years in different countries all over the world and really enjoyed it a lot. I’ve got experience teaching the four core skills(reading, writing, speaking, listening), Business English and some test prep classes. I particularly enjoy working with older students( college and adults) as I can apply my knowledge of the business world and my teaching experience to bring a very practical application to them.

My teaching style and philosophy

I’m quite a patient teacher and always encourage my students while in the classroom. I want everyone to succeed and get better while learning. I cater to my students’ needs and am able to develop lessons that suit them. I use different materials and techniques to ensure they get the most out of the learning experience. I always try and bring it back to their lives and make lessons practical and useful for them. I’m flexible and can change if something isn’t working. In my classroom I want the student to feel comfortable and work out with more knowledge and confidence to use that knowledge.

My Motto

If you don’t try, you’ll never know and even if you fail, at least you’ve tried.