Godfrey de Meyer

Godfrey de Meyer


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About Me:

I am a qualified TEFL tutor with over 1300 online hours over the past year. I have also been a cover teacher at a high school in my home town. I have over 20 years of experience in the corporate and retail industries and have worked for high-end stationery brands and international publishers as a national sales manager .  I graduated in Performing Arts at the Tshwane University of Technology, majoring in drama and voice training.  I also assist adult students in passing their job interviews successfully.  Furthermore, I am currently assisting students to prepare for their IELTS exams.

My Lessons and Teaching Styles:

I enjoy the everyday challenges and rewards that teaching provides.  I am a good listener, patient tutor, and adapt well to different environments and conversations. I like to set goals both for myself and for the student. I treat each student as an individual with their own unique story, and I respect this and grow with them. I will do everything possible to ignite a desire to learn in the minds of my students.