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Do you like ????도깨비(The Goblin) or ????더 킹: 영원의 군주(The King: Eternal Monarch)?

What would you do if there’s a Korean teacher who knows the filming places of those ????K-dramas?

How about learning Korean from the person who actually worked at those tourist spots? ℹ️


I’m the teacher who was at the filming place of the Goblin(도깨비) and saw 김고은 with both eyes. I’m the teacher who visited the filming place of The King: Eternal Monarch(더킹: 영원의 군주) My name is ???? Hyeong Seob Lim. I’m a bilingual who can speak ????both English and Korean freely. And also a former travel expert who worked in Korea and United States. I’m ready to teach you not only Korean but also all the amazing travel tips you can get for your future trip in Korea. Feel free to contact me via messengers.

Instagram ID: dunkindylan88 KakaoTalk ID: DunkinDylan


???? Travel Korean Course

Travel Korean Course offers the customized PPTs with all the tips of traveling to Korea. While following lessons, you can pick up the words that is helpful while you travel to Korea. I’m also providing Travel Korean lessons for the ✈️ flight attendant, ????Hotel workers.

????Sejong Institute Course

King Sejong is the person who created Korean alphabet Hangul. Let’s study Korean course with the most famous Korean book from Sejong Institute. If you are the first learner who learn Korean for the first time, you can start learning all the basics with Sejong books. This lesson is also made with very professional PPT which personalized all the things inside the book of 세종한국어(Sejong Korean). Learn from the bible of Korean book and be good at Korean like King Sejong

????TOPIK 1&2 Course

Are you studying TOPIK to come to Korea in near future? How about learning TOPIK from a licensed Korean teacher! You can get the best score at TOPIK with me. I will make your score ride a rocket ship????to reach your goal!

✒️Studying Korean with Korean Penmanship

Do you want to have a beautiful handwriting skill? What would you do if you have a chance to learn beautiful handwriting skills in Korean? Learn Korean from the teacher who has a very neat handwriting skill. I’m offering the customized handwriting GIFs to my students. Please, check the Instagram that offers beautiful handwriting of lyrics and poems. Instagram ID: dunkindylan88

????Korean Movie & Drama Course

Do you want to be a main character of K-drama or movie? Do you want to memorize your favorite line from your favorite TV show????? It’s your chance to learn Korean with your favorite TV shows. This course will be accompanied with the book “Hello, Korean” which Korean actor Lee Joonki offered his voice recording

????Learn Korean with music

Are you a big fan of K-pop? Blackpink, Big Bang, BTS, IU, EXO, Shinee, TWICE? How about learning Korean from a person who really loves music. This lesson can be customized with your favorite music. And I will provide a beautiful handwriting GIFs of your favorite lyrics. You will also learn how to use the vocabulary and idioms that’s hidden in the lyrics. Just enjoy the music, and be a Korean master. I’m a private tutor who taught numerous students for 5 years as a private tutor. I’m good at teaching Korean with lyrics, poems, and children book. As a former Tourism professional, I can teach Travel Korean better than other teachers.


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