David Sean

David Sean


Product Description

A qualified English teacher with 8 years teaching experience, I specialize in helping adult working professionals improve their English and communication skills to deal with international colleagues and clients.

Classes are 60 minutes at a time.

I teach with Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, whichever you prefer.

With me you will get:

  • a serious teacher using the CEFR framework,
  • authentic material from Podcasts, TED Talks, current news,
  • materials and lesson plan in advance of every lesson,
  • detailed feedback via email at the end of every lesson.

We can work on:

  • grammar and more natural sounding expressions,
  • vocabulary building – phrasal verbs, collocations, dependent prepositions and more,
  • role-plays for REAL business situations.

Y sí, hablo español.


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