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Product Description

Teaching online for the past five years has provided me with a host of loyal students, a deep understanding of communicative learning, and experience that few can claim to possess with this medium.

I provide an intriguing and comfortable atmosphere in which my students can thrive. My strongest asset is being able to quickly understand a student’s level and to alter my teaching method based on the student’s ability and potential. This is an ability that I honed over two years when I worked as the manager of student assessment at an online teaching company.

One of my strengths is that I’m genuinely interested in people, which allows me to follow a natural process of discovery with my students. I consider myself an excellent listener and have a keen ear for grammatical errors and issues with pronunciation. I’m also able to find meaningful ways to relate new vocabulary to my students’ lives in order for them to more easily remember.

Online teaching does not just provide a convenient means of learning, it also provides inexhaustible content and potential for mutual discovery. I have no doubt that this is the future of learning.