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Aurélien Mailloux

Aurélien Mailloux


Product Description

Hi, I am a french student. I live in Nantes but I was born in Paris. I study law and economics but my passion is teaching. I want to be a lecturer. I have traveled many times in Spain and the UK, where I taught french to friends. Also, I have given free lessons to deprived kids in my country.


I can offer you cheap lessons or conversation on any topic (actuality, grammar, tenses, vocabulary…). Tell me what you want to learn or practice and I will do my best to meet your expectations. I want my lessons to be pleasant : learning requires pleasure. However, I will try to convey as many knowledge as possible. I am used to progressively writing a report on the mistakes you make so that you can correct it between two lessons. It’s a method I have personally used to progress in English and Spanish.


Greetings from France


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