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Bonjour 🙂

I’m a French teacher from Paris with a Masters degree in communication. I am also certified as an English teacher. I have taught all levels and all ages (from kindergarten to adults). I like active classes and provide fun and enjoyable lessons with direct applications in students’ lives.

As I’ve lived abroad for more than 10 years, I am adaptable to many cultures and lifestyles so I can easily adapt my lessons to learners needs.

About my teaching methods : I believe that to learn a language, students need to be at the centre of the lesson. To do this, the lesson has to fit with their needs. That is why I base each lesson on a practical and actual subject and all exercises stick to this topic so everything is linked.

There are always 6 parts, as a minimum, in a 60 min lesson (comprehension (listening or reading), production, 1 or 2 grammar points, vocabulary and pronounciation).

Further to this, to learn a language, the key is to speak! so my goal is to speak/teach 30% of the time and the 70 other percent you will speak and practice.

I send all documents to the student at least a few hours before the lesson start so it will give you a bit of time to print if necessary.

I base my lessons on several acknowledged teaching methods that prepare students for official DELF exams.

I can also provide activities and exercises to practice at home between classes if wanted.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information or a first lesson.

I look forward to earring from you.



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