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I have been teaching English to all ages of children and adults for the past seven years. I have worked in learning centres, kindergartens and primary schools in Hong Kong, Italy – as well as 1 to 1 individual lessons.

My teaching philosophy is that learning English should be inclusive, fun and that it can change your life!

I believe in lifelong learning. I have an upper second classified undergraduate degree in Business & Management and a 120 TEFL/TESOL certificate. I have completed CPD courses such as English in Early Childhood and best practice for teaching phonics to students with difficulties in reading and writing.

I am currently training to be a British Sign Language Teacher.

As I enjoy learning languages, I understand the challenges my students face. I therefore, ensure my classroom is a safe space where it is good to make mistakes as this is how we learn!

My classes are interactive and engaging and I use a multimedia approach to constantly change the pace in order to maintain student interest.

I use internationally recognized material in my lessons to ensure my students are gaining the most relevant language for today’s world.

As a teacher, there is nothing more rewarding than a student reaching their learning goal. Before your first lesson, we will work together to create a pathway for achieving this.

I am lucky to have taught some of my students for the past 5 years! I have witnessed some of my beginner students begin speaking in full sentences in just 10 weeks! We achieved this by building a learning relationship based on two-way communication. If you would like to learn something new, we can cooperate to make that happen.

Have you ever taken part in an English course where each lesson is grammar exercise after grammar exercise? Yes, grammar is important for learning English but it is equally important that you enjoy your lessons. We learn more efficiently when we are having fun! That’s why, before we start our journey together, I will ask about your hobbies and interests. I will use this information to create an engaging and personalized curriculum just for you! You will learn the framework of the English language in a context that is relevant to you.

I’m really looking forward to teaching you! See you in class soon, Alice.



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