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4 years as a Korean tutor, including 1 to 1, 1 to 3, also taught Korean classes in primary and secondary schools. -Understand the needs and abilities of different students, able to plan and provide appropriate teaching methods and materials. -My mother tongue is Cantonese but my spoken English and Korean are as good as native speakers. -Focus on interactivity and plan courses based on students’ interests and abilities.

Not only textbooks are used as teaching materials, but any subject of interest to students can be integrated into the teaching, including music, entertainment culture, articles, and books.

Everything is student-centered, no matter what the level of students, will be taught according to your needs, just to help you truly master the language. -Can provide fundamental materials for beginners -If there are teaching materials that you want to use or are using, I can also cooperate

If you require TOPIK mock papers, it may constitute additional charges

The teaching purpose is to hope that students can not only pass the exam or get the desired grades, but also can laugh and talk confidently when they meet Koreans in life, or they can integrate into the work environment freely.


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