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eTEFL Online donʻt just offer certification, but they cover all the bases you need to successfully teach English online. Their courses are suitable for beginners.

They offer practical online teacher training, document creation, teacher profile writing, job interview coaching, business coaching and freelance coaching.

First they help you get certified – then they help you prepare a resume and other documents you may need – get you interviews – help you build your online freelance career so you can earn more per hour.

Their accredited courses are accepted all over the World by schools, governments, employers and recruiters to teach English in the classroom or online.

Signup for their FREE mini-courseAn Introduction to Teaching English Online” – This free ebook covers everything you need to know about teaching English online.

What TEFL/TESOL courses do they offer?

They have 2 TEFL Courses to choose from:

They also offer amazing specialist Courses that will improve your resume and open up more doors by offering specialised lessons:

What is a Specialist Course?

Itʻs a shorter course and itʻs normally an add-on to the TEFL course. These courses will give your resume a boost, make you stand out from the TEFL crowd, increase job and freelance opportunities and you will also get higher paid teaching jobs.

What is the 20-hour Teaching Practice Course and why do I need it?

The 20-hour Teaching Practicum is for you to gain hands-on TEFL experience and put your knowledge into practice. You will be observing experienced tutors in both classroom and online settings, teach your own lessons with REAL ESL STUDENTS, and more.

CREATING A SUSTAINABLE AND SUCCESSFUL ONLINE TEACHING CAREER will take more than just a TEFL Course. Thatʻs the reason why Etefl Online created Online Teacher Training Bundles. These bundles are a combination of all the resources, courses, coaching, mentorship, and support you will need in one convenient package.

There are 2 bundles to choose from:

  • The Standard Bundle – includes the 120-hour TEFL/TESOL Course, Job Application resources in the PATH program, the TEFL Mentorship program, Teach IELTS Exams specialization course, Job support, and teaching resources.
  • The Advanced Bundle – includes the 140-hour TEFL/TESOL Course, 20-hour Online Teaching Practicum, Job Application resources in the PATH program, the TEFL Mentorship program, Teach IELTS Exams specialization course, Job support, and teaching resources.

Why purchase a bundle instead:

  • Save up to 30% with these bundles compared to purchasing all the programs, courses, and resources separately.
  • You will have access to their resource library where you will be able to download more than a 100 of free pre-made lesson plans, watch short training videos, take more free courses, access to job application links and much more.
  • You will get a lifetime of support and you will be part of the Online Teacher Community groups where you can chat with people on the same boat as you, share tips, resources, advice, etc.
  • Have access to their private Facebook professional development group, membership to their private online teacher support WhatsApp groups, and frequent email updates, and free training sessions.

What if I cannot find the right Bundle for me?

eTEFL Online will be happy to create a custom package for you. All you have to do is contact them with your requirements.

When you have completed your Course of choice, or if you already have a TEFL Certificate, join their TEFL Mentorship program!

What is the TEFL Mentorship Program?

In short: The TEFL Mentorship Program a 3-week live program that will help you start teaching sooner than trying to do it by yourself! Itʻll help you get interviews, help you get and retain higher-paying ESL students, etc.

Are they well recommended?

Yes, 4.8 out of 5 stars


How long will it take to complete the TEFL Course?

Most people take 2-4 weeks to complete the course but you have 6 months access to the online course platform which gives you plenty of time to study at your own pace.

Will eTefl Online help me find an online teaching job?

Yes. They work with many recruiters who prioritize their applications and they also help you find students as a freelance teacher. You will also have access to useful links such as jobs, training videos, etc.

How much money can I earn teaching English online?

Calculate your potential income with their Online Teaching Salary calculator that you will find on this page. Scroll down until you get to the calculator.

Will I receive support during my course?

Yes, you will get dedicated tutor support via instant chat or email.

How much do the courses cost?

  • 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Course – €149/$173
  • 140-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Course – €199/$231
  • 20-hour Online Teaching Practicum – €149/$173
  • 30-hour Teaching IELTS Exam Preparation Course – €59/$68
  • Standard Bundle – €249/$288
  • Advanced Bundle – €299/$346

How can I take the Courses?

All their courses are done online so you can study from anywhere.

What Course do I choose?

If you donʻt know which course is best for you, you can contact eTEFL Online and they will be happy to assist.

How can I find out more about teaching English online before investing in any Courses?

Download their FREE eBOOK that covers everything you need to know about teaching English online. You will also get access to a FREE online mini-course that will give you all the info you need while experiencing what itʻs like to study online.

Will I have access to any Teacher Resources?

Yes!  You will have access to their ever-growing resource library that contains over 100 done-for-you lesson plans to use in your lessons, links to video tutorials, free courses and downloads, specialist training courses, job links, downloadable resources, and much more. You will also get lifetime job support and interview coaching.

Have any more questions?

Contact eTEFL Online with any questions you may have.


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