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You can read their ebooks online, or download them to a vast array of devices, using their Ebook Reader apps. Search by title, author, subject, or ISBN. has over 10 Thousand FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING EBOOKS and materials. The website has two categories of foreign language ebooks you can browse, Foreign Language Books and Foreign Language Study.

The Foreign Language books include the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

The Foreign Language Study books include the following languages: French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish, Scandinavian languages, Korean and more…

There is such a big variety to choose from. Find language learning ebooks for total beginners, intermediate and even advanced learners.

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Language Lizard

Language Lizard offers Bilingual books, dictionaries, book sets, ebooks, multicultural books and posters, unique gifts and PENpal audio products for kids and foreign language learners of all ages.

Language Lizard is a leading publisher and supplier of bilingual products in OVER 50 LANGUAGES. They provide AWARD-WINNING bilingual books and audio resources to schools, libraries, literacy organizations, and bilingual families. Have a look at some (of many) of their “happy-client” TESTIMONIALS.

They also offer culturally responsive TEACHING MATERIALS, multilingual posters, and FREE multicultural LESSON PLANS to support diverse classrooms and homeschooling families.

All of their books are bilingual which means that each book includes English and the Language that you choose so each page contains both languages for convenient language learning.

You can search by Language, product type, and Age/Level via the menu on the left side of their website.

Their bilingual books and ebooks are ideal for: 

  • Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Teaching and learning foreign languages

  • Maintaining home language skills

  • Building multicultural classrooms

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Study Anytime, Anywhere – And Improve Your English FAST!

Why should you learn English? Have a look at these 9 short reasons why you should know English.

The English language has so many CONFUSING words, like “advice” and “advise”, “specially” and “especially”, “desert” and “dessert”.

This makes you wonder “when do I use THIS word and not THAT one?” Luckily Espresso English has this amazing 600+ confusing English words explained that will help you understand exactly how to use these confusing words so that you can be more CONFIDENT in your English skills.

Stop hesitating or avoiding certain words because you are not completely sure if itʻs the right words to use. I highly recommend the 600+ confusing English words explained ebook that will make these words EASY to understand and give you the CONFIDENCE and KNOWLEDGE to use these words correctly.

Use English grammar with CONFIDENCE with these English grammar ebooks for basic and intermediate ESL students.

These ebooks come with more than 70 lessons that will help you understand essential English grammar EASILY and CLEARLY.

With these English grammar ebooks you will:

  • Learn how and when to use common English verb tenses

  • Learn how to use different types of English words correctly

  • Learn how to build sentences

  • Practice your listening skills with audio

  • Practice and review all you have learned with included quizzes

More than 8000 students have used and loved these ebooks!

Just like the title says, in this slang and Informal English ebook you will learn the slang and informal words used by native English speakers.

We find slang to be used all the time by English speakers.

Some examples of Slang:

  • The party last night was “dope”! (Dope = amazing, cool)

  • Her hair is “on fleek“. (On fleek = perfect)

In this AUDIO EBOOK, all the slang words are categorized by topic which makes it easier to learn and there are example sentences so you can see how it is used in context.

Whatʻs GREAT about audio ebooks is that you can hear what the words sound like while reading them.

Learn 1000 collocations in 10 minutes a day!

Are you finding it hard to put English words together in a NATURAL way? Are you translating words from your native language into English? This can lead to saying phrases that sound strange and just unnatural in English. Unfortunately, direct translation does not always work.

If you answered yes to the 2 questions above, I highly recommend this 1000 collocations ebook so you can learn how to make sentences like native English speakers and improve your English FLUENCY.

Wait a minute, what are collocations? They are two or more words commonly used together, like, word combinations.


High tree

Tall tree

quick car

Fast car

As you can see, collocations make English sound more natural and fluent. You need to know these to make sentences in English more easily. That is sentences that sound natural and fluent.

You can EASILY learn these collocations in only 10 minutes a day.

In this ebook, you will get 50 lessons and 50 quizzes that are perfectly put together to help you speak English more naturally. Each lesson takes about 10 minutes to complete so itʻs also perfect for those who donʻt have much time on their hands.