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Reasons WHY you should learn English

English is an International/Global language English is the most used language in the world. It would make life a lot easier if you could communicate in English. For example, if you were to go abroad to an English-speaking country and you cannot understand what people are saying and cannot respond or ask for directions then […]


Written by Scribendi The quick answer: “A” or “an”? Using “A” Use “a” before words that begin with vowel sounds. Know that “a” is an indefinite article that is used before singular nouns when the referent (the exact thing that you are referring to) is unspecified. For example, when someone says, “Bring me a banana,” the […]


Written by Scribendi Suggestions on how to fix common ESL mistakes Let’s give credit where credit is due: being an English as a second language (ESL) student is tough. You must learn new material in your field of study while also learning another language. Sometimes, you may sit through classes that you do not fully […]

Most Commonly used English Idioms and phrases

Written by Jimei Perry Conversations would be so boring without these! If you want to speak English, you NEED to KNOW these! Sometimes when you try to explain or say something in your own words – it is just not powerful enough and does not give your explanation any justice – then all you need […]

TEFLUK helps you learn to teach

TEFL UK helps you learn to teach TEFL and find your dream teaching job. We appreciate your passion for helping others learn the English language so let’s change the world together! Internationally recognised Our TEFL courses are fully accredited meaning you can use them to teach anywhere in the world. Job support Access to an […]