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Welcome to our language learning resource site!

We have a range of different resources and tools that you can use to learn a new language easily and successfully. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, we have something here that will fit your needs.

Our site is always growing, so keep checking back for new and innovative ways to learn new languages!

MyLingo101ʻs end goal is to be a one-stop language learning resource site where you will find all the solutions to your language needs. We are still working on it, watch this space!

We also aim to have an extensive collection of Resources for Foreign Language Teachers to help them with their teaching of non-native learners.

We also have a growing Language blog that you can check out!

Currently we have Resources for these 14 Popular languages: English, French, Dutch, Korean, Italian, Swedish, Hindi, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese.