Popular Idioms And Their Meanings With Examples

popular idioms and meanings.

MY LIST OF 25 POPULAR ENGLISH IDIOMS AND THEIR MEANINGS Conversations would be so boring without Idioms! If you want to speak English, you NEED to KNOW the most Popular English idioms and their meanings! Before we jump to my list of 25 popular idioms and their meanings (with example sentences), letʻs answer this question […]


fix common esl writing mistakes.

Suggestions on how to fix common ESL writing mistakes If you are here looking for solutions to your most common ESL writing mistakes, then you definitely came to the right place! Let’s give credit where credit is due: being an English as a second language (ESL) student is tough. You must learn new material in […]

The Difference Between A and An – All You Need To Know

difference between a and an.

The Difference between A and An: When and How to use them? Find out Now! After reading this post, you will understand the difference between a and an and also know when and how to use them: The quick answer: “A” or “an”?   Using “A” Use “a” before words that begin with vowel sounds. […]

Reasons WHY you should learn English

reasons to learn english.

9 Short Reasons WHY You Should KNOW ENGLISH Why should you know English? Hereʻs why: 1. English is an International/Global language This is probably the most important reason why you should know English. English is the most used language in the world. It will make life a lot easier if you could communicate in English. […]